Videos on Using Affiliate Datafeeds with WordPress

Another easy way to make money from home...this time, using email and a list of subscribers.

These videos will introduce you to a current site that has been neglected to death. I'll share with you one of the ways I plan to breath new life and new income streams into the site with about 20 minutes work.

The site originally held a Google PR of 4 and 3 on most pages, made a number of affiliate and ebay referral sales, as well as a decent Adsense income.

Not so anymore.  :(

Rather than scrap the entire domain, I've found a way to incorporate affiliate products (via merchant datafeeds) with a search engine friendly WordPress blog. The best part is, it only takes about 20 minutes to set up!

Think I'm joking?

Suffer through the next 20 minutes with me (and my tired out "it's Friday after all" voice) and watch me do it, in real time!

I add 100 products with text, photos and my affiliate links embedded to a fresh WordPress install on a worn out domain.

Plus I'll share:

  • my reasoning on whether or not you should have prices on your affiliate blogs,
  • how to open and save .txt based merchant product datafeeds,
  • how to embed your affiliate link into every product,
  • which size product photo to use, and why,
  • where to grab the hot new script that lets you do it all in short order (there's only a few of us authorized to sell this script at the moment).

When you're done watching these videos, you can find all the resources to set these money making blogs up for yourself on my affiliate datafeed resources page.

As usual, if you have questions, need help with your script setup, or anything else related to this content, you will always have access to me by posting a call for help on this marketing blog post.

If you want to just skim over the videos, here's a run down of what's inside (use the slider to advance through).

Video 1 (here) 11 minutes long:

  • 0:00 to 2:25 - The first 2:25 introduces the nearly demised domain, showcases one affiliate datafeed, and shares a few tips on working with merchant or affiliate datafeeds (which, by the way, are two different terms for the exact same thing).
  • 2:25 to 5:30 - This 'chunk' of info shows you how to import merchant datafeeds into spreadsheet software, what a datafeed looks like in Excel, explains the various columns, and discusses which of those are really important...
  • 5:30 to 8:00 - We'll continue to work with a merchant's datafeed in Excel - deciding whether to include the price in your affiliate blog, and add appropriate headings to each column (Title, Link, Image, Description and Category).
  • 8:00 to 11:02 - We'll spend a few minutes inserting your affiliate link into 100s of links with just a few clicks (and in less than 20 seconds), discover why and how the script works with WordPress blog categories, and save your modified datafeed for the WordPress Import Script use.

Video 2 (here) about 4 minutes:

  • A walk through on the WordPress Datafeed script (you'll laugh outloud when you see how easy this is!), and I'll show you the the end result of the new blog with 100 products added (you can see this for yourself at You'll see the before and 'after' of the merchant datafeed and blog, the products, the categories, the content, pricing, and more...(this is also where I start lisping and stalling - I just don't want to end our time together!).

Conclusion on Working with Affiliate or Merchant Datafeeds

You should, at this point, know whether working with affiliate or merchant datafeeds is right for you or your website. If you're still not sure, but want to discuss it, feel free to leave me a note here.

Please understand that there is much more we can do with these affiliate datafeed blogs and you're likely to see some of those next steps happening to the test site very shortly. While I work on that site, I'll cover some of the alterations and modifications in future articles, videos and posts for you.

Click here to learn more about building affiliate datafeed blogs using the WordPress Affiliate Datafeed Import script (fee), spreadsheet software you can download (free), and affiliate management sites that provide datafeeds from 100s of online merchants (mostly free).



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